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HealthExec Today provides informative news, products and events to connect health leaders to a changing regulatory and business climate, serving hospital quality assurance directors, hospital executives in safety, finance and patient care, Private Duty professionals, Home Health directors, and adjacent markets.

A reliable and trusted source, our team of contributors, editorial board and trainers are a leading provider of construction project and product information, plans and specifications, industry news, market research, and industry trends and forecasts.

In print, online, and through events, HealthExecToday offers a variety of tools, applications, and resources that embed in the workflow of our readers, providing them with the information and intelligence they need to be more productive, successful, and competitive.

Executive Profiles
Barbara J. Bauer
Marketing Director
MedMarket Intelligence, LLC
Alicia-white Kelly
Senior Social Media Manager
MedMarket Intelligence, LLC
Diane Saccoccio
Team Leader, Videography
Image Point Studios
Brett Alvaro
Team Leader, Medical IT, Web Development
President, BAIS2

Press Room

6/20/12 Newark Beth Israel Medical Center and Children’s Hospital of New Jersey Win NJ Education
Hero Award for Wellness Programs That Fight Obesity and Promote Healthy Eating and Exercise
6/20/12 Life Technologies to Collaborate with Boston Children’s Hospital to Develop an Optimized Lab Workflow
based on the Ion Proton™ Sequencer
6/19/12 AMA Adopts New Policies at Annual Meeting

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